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georgi paraskovHello, Dear Friends,



My name is Georgi Paraskov and I would like to welcome you in our musical world PARASKOV ACOUSTICA, where we will do our best for you to satisfy your wishes through the music!
I specialize in Music Pedagogy and I decided to establish the music agency PARASKOV ACOUSTICA.  Our music  lessons are for guitar, piano and violin playing, as well as for singing. The time duration of the lessons depends on the child’s age group. We offer 1 hour , 45 min and 30 min long lessons.
I work with high qualified colleagues, who are professional musicians. The teachers prepare the lesson plans in advance regarding the individual needs of the students to develop their skills and abilities. We regularly organize concerts with our students.



My music, students and my family are the most important part of my life and bring happiness, positive feelings and energy daily !


I am thankful to my son Alexander, my wife Petya, my students and my colleagues Iva and Iliana !

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